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Terms and conditions of use

1. Specific elements

The use of our e-shop and your purchases on it are determined and governed by the stipulations and provisions below. Before using the e-shop, please read carefully and make sure you have understood and agree with said provisions, rules, declarations and provisions, since further use of the site and your navigation on the website implies your explicit and non-provisional acceptance and agreement.
Thetida reserves the right to modify or change the contents of the website at any time without prior notification to the users. The visitors/users bear the responsibility to check regularly whether these usage terms have been modified if they re-visit the site. Thetida notifies users through the current website when there is any change in the transaction terms. Any modification or change does not affect and does not apply to orders which have already been placed. The terms and conditions of using the website, and of the transactions executed through it, do not contradict provisions of the mandatory laws of Greece. The e-shop’s agreements are concluded in the Greek language, which you declare to understand (reading and writing). The e-shop’s usage by minors or persons who lack the ability to conclude any contracts, is forbidden.

2. Information & Goods Provided

Thetida guarantees the quality, completeness and validity of the information provided on its website, as well as the material characteristics of the products on the website and the precision of the details regarding the services provided by the e-shop. In the context of good faith, Thetida is not responsible for any mistakes of technical or typographic nature, which may have occurred unwillingly or due to the suspension of the website’s service due to force majeure.

3. Limited Liability

Thetida cannot guarantee the availability of any listed products. However, it guarantees the timely update of its customers regarding products’ unavailability.
Thetida is only liable for significant lack of diligence and guile in the case of delay in delivering ordered products or of information and services it provides itself through its website.
Thetida's e-shop bears no responsibility for any technical issues which the users may face when trying to access the website or during their browsing on it, which are related to the performance or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the website. In addition, Thetida bears no responsibility for the actions or omissions of third parties, and in particular for unfair third party’s interference in the products/services and/or information which are provided through Thetida's e-shop. Wherever the current website contains links to third party websites, is not responsible for the contents of those websites, or any harm caused to the user by those sites, since the users access those websites by their own choice and responsibility.

4. Users’ Obligations

The users of the e-shops website accept and commit to not using Thetida's e-shop to send, transmit, publish or in any other way transmit illegal, damaging, menacing, racist, insulting, annoying, libellous, slandering, vulgar, immodest, or harmful to minors contents. Such contents are not allowed to be reproduced by legislature. In addition, visiting and performing transactions through must be for personal and private use, solely for legal purposes and in a manner which does not restrict or prevent third parties from using it. The user is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, good morals and the current terms, and to not proceed with actions or omissions which may cause the website damage or underperformance, or which may place provision of services in jeopardy.
The users are not allowed to transmit inside or confidential information which was obtained or revealed through transactions, or which is covered by confidentiality agreements, nor information which violates any patent, trademark, intellectual property or other third party property. Finally, users are not allowed to intrude and install software viruses or any other kinds of code, files or programs which have been designed with the aim to terminate, cause damage, destroy or disrupt the operation of any computer software or hardware, on purpose or unwittingly, because any such action violates the current Greek and EU legislation. In addition, uses are not allowed, while visiting Thetida's website, to abuse third parties in any manner, or to use the website in order to collect or save users’ personal data.

5. Account

If you are using the website, you must ensure the confidentiality of your account and password and prohibit access to your account without your consent. You also assume responsibility for all activities done with your account or your password. You must take all necessary steps to ensure that the account remains confidential and notify us immediately if you believe your password has been known to others or if your account can be used by others without your permission.

6. Secure Transactions

We give great importance to the security of your transactions and that is why we have chosen the most secure way to charge your credit card. Payment by credit card is absolutely secure and is mediated by PayPal. Once you've selected the products you want to buy from our store, you automatically drive to the secure PayPal site where you will post your card details. We do not have access to your card details.

7. Order

Before you proceed with the purchase of the products, you will be able to check the customer's profile by checking all the details you have filled in (eg name, shipping and billing address), viewing all the products you have bought and getting informed about their final price and make all the necessary changes. Then after completing the relevant order form and pressing the order button, you make a binding offer to buy our products, which we will accept upon delivery of your products. So your offer is accepted and our contract is concluded when the delivery of the products takes place. If you do not receive the goods you ordered within 15-20 days, then we are committed to the immediate return of your money.

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